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6 Reasons Why All Offices Should Have a Coffee Machine

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Having a relaxing, productive work environment is crucial for employees to do their best work. There are many things you can do to improve the work environment for employees, but one simple thing you can do is have a coffee machine for the office. Considering this, here are 6 reasons why every office should have a commercial coffee maker:

  1. Convenience.

    Having a coffee machine for the office will reduce lost work time. Leaving the office to go get a cup of coffee usually takes at least ten minutes, but with a coffee machine in the office, employees won’t have to waste time leaving the office.
  2. Productivity.

    Drinking coffee puts employees in a better, more productive mood. Early mornings or slow afternoons can make it difficult for employees to stay focused and motivated. Having coffee nearby to drink will help give employees that extra boost they need to make it through the day.
  3. Contentment.

    If the office is full of coffee drinkers, but with no coffee, that could lead to unsatisfied employees. They might get agitated or annoyed easily without having easy access to coffee. A coffee machine is a sure way to keep employees relaxed and satisfied.
  4. Options.

    Instead of having a regular coffee pot with the same coffee flavor over and over again, having a coffee machine for the office will give employees a variety of new flavor options. Only 58% of coffee drinkers brew their coffee the same way each day. With a coffee machine in the office, each cup can be customized to the drinker’s taste and will keep your employees from going elsewhere for their caffeine fix.
  5. Socialization.

    Meetings and other team gatherings will be complete with coffee. Similarly to a water cooler, a coffee machine serves as a place where employees can take a short break to socialize with their co-workers before getting back to work.
  6. Impressions.

    Having a high-end coffee machine in the office will not only impress and excite your employees, but also anyone who visits the office. Employers will be able to offer clients or prospective customers a hot beverage, which is sure to boost customer satisfaction.

We all know Americans love to drink coffee. In fact, over half of coffee drinkers say they would rather gain ten pounds than give up coffee. Having a coffee machine for the office is a simple way to keep your employees happy, relaxed, and productive.

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