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5 Candies You Should Use For Your Wedding’s Candy Bar

Wedding candy bars are an item that are becoming relatively popular. Typically speaking, a candy bar will consist of a table located in the reception area covered with an assortment of candies and other sweet treats. It can serve as a complement to the wedding cake, or be provided as a sweet appetizer before dinner is served to the wedding guests. There are a number of candies that can be chosen for a candy bar, and it can feel like an overwhelmingly impossible choice. Never fear, this article is here to list five candies that are simply perfect for you wedding’s candy bar.

  • Tootsie Roll Candy: Tootsie rolls would technically qualify as retro candy since they were first manufactured in 1907. Tootsie roll candy can best be described as a cross between caramel and taffy that is sweet, simple, and best of all, does not melt. This makes it an ideal candy to sit out in a candy bar for potentially hours at a time. When assembling a list for any candy bar, tootsie roll candy should be at the top of the list.
  • Gourmet lollipops: Specially made gourmet lollipops are another good candy choice for a candy bar. These lollipops can be custom ordered to have special writing or pictures on them that commemorates the occasion. Lollipops would also be an ideal choice for any children among the wedding guests, since they can keep a child happily occupied for quite some time.
  • Mints: Mints are a candy often seen at wedding receptions and are also ideal for your candy bar. Unlike some chocolate candies, that can be delicious but potentially messy, mints are typically small and mess-free. This allows them to be freely enjoyed by wedding guests without fear of staining their clothes. Mints can also come in multiple shades and colors, and can be customized to accent your wedding’s design scheme.
  • Gummy Candy: Gummy candies, particularly gummy bears, are another delicious option for your wedding’s candy bar. Similar to mints, while gummy candies are sweet, they do not stain. They can also be ordered in custom colors to go with the color scheme of your wedding and reception.
  • Chocolate Kisses: If you would like to include chocolate in your candy bar, the best choice would be to use small chocolate kisses. These provide all the sweet delights that come with chocolate, but are also small enough that they can be popped whole into the mouth and enjoyed without a fear of staining clothing. Like other candies, chocolate candies can be personalized with a variety of colors to match the color scheme of your wedding.

In conclusion, there are a number of candies to choose from that would be perfect to use in your wedding’s candy bar. These include tootsie roll candy, gourmet lollipops, mints, gummy candy, and chocolate kisses. Any combination of these candies would make your candy bar something to remember for years to come.

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