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3 Steps for Keeping Beer Growlers Clean

If you enjoy drinking beer, you’re certainly not alone. Statistics from 2015 found that adults in the United States aged 21 years and up consumed 27.5 gallons of cider and beer per person. Those who enjoy drinking beer likely know about growlers. For those unaware, growlers are containers typically used to carry beer. These containers are made from a wide variety of materials, primarily including glass and metal. Stainless steel growlers are especially popular with those known for accidentally dropping things. No matter which type of growler you own, it’s important to keep these items clean. Considering that, here are three simple steps for keeping your growler in great shape.

  • Clean Using Warm Water

    It’s understandable to think cleaning your growler with soap is acceptable. Unfortunately, soap is known to leave behind residue in many growlers. Making matters worse, this residue stays behind for the next time your growler is filled. If you don’t want to taste soapy beer, don’t use soap while cleaning your growler. A simple warm water rinse will sufficiently clean this container.
  • Don’t Forget to Clean Additional Growler Components

    Part of the fun associated with owning a growler is customizing it. For instance, many people prefer to own growler kegs. There are even mini growler kegs available. Considering that, this also means needing to clean keg cap taps and other items. Fortunately, these items are easily cleaned with a warm water rinse.
  • Give All Items Proper Time to Air Day

    Growlers are extremely popular with craft beer drinkers. Considering that, it’s no wonder that the craft beer market in the United States is now worth an estimated $23.5 billion. However, nothing ruins a growler faster than damp environments. If you don’t thoroughly let your growler dry, it can begin to house bacteria. This could lead to all sorts of potential health problems. To avoid this, place your growler and all other pieces upside down to air dry.

In closing, it’s important to keep your growlers clean. These items are popular with beer drinkers. In fact, a Gallup poll from 2016 found that 43% of those legally able to drink prefer beer over other types of alcoholic beverages. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of growler supplies on hand. For instance, you wouldn’t want to run out of keg cap tap before beginning to drink. Having growler supplies on hand always ensures you’re able to enjoy a nice, delicious beer.

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