Keg Cap Tap is Changing Your Brewery Experience

Growler keg

Did you know that 14% of Americans drink beer every week? As we all know, craft brewers are definitely leaving an impact in the community, giving people a fun and lighthearted place to enjoy themselves with friends and family after a long, hard week at work or on a special occasion. But how do you improve a business that people in your community already tend to flock to? This is where keg cap tap comes in to spread its wings over the beer-loving community and change the way you see your business and appease your customers.

At Keg Cap Tap, dreams come to life. It’s not just about keg caps, it’s also about growlers, (more…)

21 Dec 2017

Afternoon Snacks Need to be Packed with Protein

Peanut flour nutrition

Many Americans feel like they are always in a rush. As a result, it should come as no surprise that many people of all ages find themselves looking for a tasty, energetic, and healthy snack. From bulk peanut seeds to many different typed of nuts, there are many products that provide a wide range of nutrients and protein to people who are on the go.
Whether you are trying to find a great afternoon snack when her friends stop by after school or you are looking for a way to get some extra energy in the middle of the day for yourself, peanut and pecan family items can help you get the energy and the nutrients that you need, even when you do not have very much time. Whether you are considering dessert items that include < (more…)

19 Dec 2017

The Facts On Calories In Cashews

Types of nuts

There is no question that people in the United States absolutely love peanuts and specifically peanut butter. Even though people love to consume all types of nuts, peanut butter is definitely the most beloved in the United States according to studies and statistics. However, most people are not aware that there are plenty of other nuts that have great health benefits.

As of 2013, it was reported that peanut farmers across the United States managed to export nearly 350,000 metric tons of peanuts according to data released by the USDA. This means that peanut farms across the United States had plenty of work to do to meet the needs of consumers (more…)

19 Dec 2017

Pickup and Drop Off Meal Catering and Cafeteria Options for Your Company

Cafeteria vendors bay area

It can often be a difficult thing to balance to all the different aspects of your life. For many people, work life is a powerful force that can too often overtake other aspects of your life. For others, family matters trump everything else, sometimes to the point that they interfere with other matters. Focusing on your health, working on home improvement projects, helping in the community. Each of these elements is important to a well rounded life, but without the right balance, too much of anything can become troublesome.

It can be hard work to maintain the right balance. It doesn’t come easily for anyone 100% of the time. But learning to maintain it will lead to a more well rounded life, greater health, wellness, and happiness, and the ability to guide others toward their own happiness (more…)

16 Dec 2017

Buying Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon is Better in More Ways than You Realize

Free range meat for sale online

There are many different types of diets and food preferences, and in today’s society, where food can be mass produced, there is certainly a wide variety of kinds and qualities of food to choose from. While that mass production has done a lot to feed the quickly growing populations, quite a lot has been sacrificed in the way of healthy food and affordable, high quality options. The food industry today, though largely efficient, has come at great cost to the environment and the collective health of society. Now, luckily, more and more individuals, and a growing number of businesses, put a more honed focus and conscious effort into responsible food production. As more buyers insist on foods that are produced to higher standards, more companies rise to that standard. We are getting back onto the (more…)

05 Dec 2017

Peanut Snacks You Can Take On Your Next Airplane Ride

Good cholesterol in peanuts

A great snack for on the go travel is cheddar cracker snacks with peanut butter spread on them. These are easy to find in your local grocery store and the peanut butter inside has many great health benefits for you. When traveling, it can be hard to find healthy snacks that can go through security and that are low calorie and nutritious. We often find ourselves relying on fast food we find in the airport, or stuffing crackers and greasy potato chips in our bags. We have to be sure not to carry anything liquid in our carry on, and thus that can limit some of our other favorite treats and beverages as well.

If you want to know some great peanut snacks that you can take on the next trip you take, read on! You’ll be surprised to know what the benefits of all of these peanut snacks are. Peanut cal (more…)

04 Dec 2017

From Heart Healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids To Powerful Proteins The Health Benefits Of Eating Nuts

Macadamia nut

We’re all looking for ways to improve our health and lead a happy life. Our diet has a major effect on how we sleep, how we talk and even how we feel. We sneak cookies at midnight when we’re feeling down and can’t sleep. We perk up at the sound of pizza when we’re at a friend’s house. But can we eat healthy and feel great at the same time? Nuts may have the answer. The advantages of peanuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts and just about any other kind of nut have been rigorously documented for centuries. These tasty, portable and healthy foods are a great way to get the very most out of your personal diet.

Bite-Sized Facts

You likely know a few of the health benefits that come with nuts. There is, however, some hidden potential to be found once you do a little digging (more…)

19 Nov 2017

4 Things To Look For In A Wedding Venue

Outdoor wedding places

If you’re looking for a venue because you recently got engaged and are looking to get married, you’ve entered an exciting stage in wedding planning! Hooray and congratulations to you! You have probably Pinterest-ed your little heart away on all the different wedding inspiration that caught your eye. Maybe you want something more romantic, with roses and hanging lights, and sparklers for your guests to hold at the end of the ceremony while you and your love exit the venue. Maybe you’re someone who wants a more relaxed and intimate wedding with a few friends and family members, complete with DIY favors.

When looking for a wedding venue, there are many things you want to keep in mind, like pricing, location, and accessibility. However, there are also a few other things you should be considering that m (more…)

15 Nov 2017

5 Ways to Throw a Great Office Party

Taco catering palm springs

Many business owners around the country occasionally throw parties for their workers. If you’ve found out that you’ll be in charge of planning an office party, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. However, following a few simple tips will get rid of party planning stress quickly. With that in mind, here are five tips for ensuring your next office party is a hit with everyone.

  1. Notify Guests as Early as Possible

    A typical office is full of busy people working hard each day. Considering that, many workers have obligations and errands that need to be performed outside of typical business hours. With that in mind, it’s imperative to begin notifying workers of an upcoming office party well in advance of the actual date. For instance, sending out a mass email to wo (more…)

06 Nov 2017

What Is Your Favorite Kind of Pizza?

Where to find the best pizza

Who knew that knowing what is pizza made of could come in so handy?
When your boss announced that the company outing was going to be at a local pizza shop, you simply thought that you would show up, eat a couple of slices, have a couple of beers and call it a night. The outing, however, was a little more involved. From literally having to know what is pizza made of for some blind folded tasting tests to creating your own pizzas by the end of the night, the whole event was more fun than you might have imagined.
The fact that your mother was a master pizza creator means that what defines good pizza in the home where you grew up was a little more specific. From special sauces to freshly grated cheese, your mother always made (more…)

26 Oct 2017