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Holy Guacamole! Avocados Galore

Southwestern salsa

While avocados have recently entered the Western foodie spotlight, these creamy, green fruits have been around in a big way for centuries upon centuries. Avocados originated in Mexico and existed long before the arrival of European settlers. And as early as the 16th century, the Aztecs were getting creative with the crop, and with this creativity, guacamole was born.
What is guacamole, you ask? The question to ‘what is guacamole’ is quite simple: guacamole is comprised of diced avocados, garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro, and lime. Oftentimes, people will make spicy guacamole dips by adding jalapeno peppers, or chili powder. People also add onions and diced tomatoes for extra texture and (more…)

31 Aug 2015

Fun New Ways to Eat Hummus

Hummus dip recipe

Hummus has been around for a long time. The earliest recipe for a food similar to modern hummus has been traced to a document from 13th-century Egypt. Traditionally made from mashed chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, salt, olive oil, and a sesame-seed paste called tahini, hummus has many incarnations and varieties from Palestine, Yemen, Syria, and Israel, as well as Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. Hummus recipes are most frequently used as dips for vegetables and pita bread, but recipes using hummus as a sandwich spread or in other dishes are also popular.

Here are some new ways to use hummus recipes in dips and beyond!

  • Hummus is a great mayonnaise replacement for healthy eating and as a great source of extra protein. Deviled eggs and hummus chicken salad are both easy to make and d (more…)

31 Dec 2014