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How to Keep Guacamole From Going Bad

Spicy guacamole

It’s a weird scenario to think about, but it’s always a possibility. You’ve made some awesome, fresh guacamole dips for the party, but seemed to have made too much. Though people are snacking on your pretzels and guacamole, it seems like there’s going to be a good bit of leftovers.

What do you do? Do you instantly whip up some recipes using guacamole? Do you try to eat it all yourself? Or do you try to save it?

The logical thing, obviously, would be to try to save your fresh guacamole, but the trouble is that avocados — the most important of all guacamole ingredients — tend to go bad quickly.

Fortunately, there are ways you can keep fresh guacamole fresh. Here are just a few.


16 Mar 2015