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Your Simple Guide to Hummus

What is salsa

The earliest documented recipe similar to the modern day hummus can be traced back to 13th century Egypt. Hummus also has origins in countries such as Palestine, Yemen, Syria, and Israel. The dip first came to America in the 1960s and 1970s, but was sold only in health food stores. After several decades, it became popular with mainstream customers and can now be found in many grocery stores.

What Exactly is Hummus?

The word hummus is actually an Arabic word that means “chickpeas.” The hummus dip that is eaten in America is known as “hummus bi tahini,” which means “chickpeas with tahini.” Hummus is made by mashing chickpeas and then mixing them with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and salt.

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22 Jul 2015

Need Dinner Ideas? Try These Recipes Using Salsa

Classic mild salsa dip

It’s a pretty good bet that whenever there’s a party — be it a potluck, a cocktail party, a backyard BBQ or even a kid’s birthday party — there will be at least one tub of salsa alongside a bag of tortilla chips. And there are so many different kinds of salsa these days! From classic mild salsa dips and pico de gallo salsa dips, to gourmet versions like watermelon salsa or mango salsa, nearly everyone kind find a variety of this delicious appetizer that appeals to them.

There’s so much more you can do with salsa, besides just dunking your chips in it. Recipes using salsa abound. Given how versatile the dip is, and how high the level of salsa nutrition, it’s easy to use your imagination to incorporate salsa as an ingredient into your (more…)

19 Jun 2014