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Recipes with Hummus 5 Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Hummus

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When most people think of hummus, they think of hummus dip, with some veggies or chips on the side for dipping. But hummus is far from limited to just a dipping sauce; it can be a fantastic way to get extra protein in your diet and swap out bad foods for good ones, instantly. Since hummus contains high levels of vitamin C and iron, as well as vitamin B6 and folate, (as well as no cholesterol or saturated fat) many people try to incorporate hummus into their diets as much as possible. If you love hummus, but aren’t sure what else to do with it, check out these 5 recipes with hummus, for some great alternative hummus ideas:

1. Breakfast of Champions
Hummus contains vital amounts of protein and lysine, and can really give your the boost you need in the morning. In fact, two spoon fulls of h (more…)

05 Jul 2015

Three Commonly Counterfeited Foods You Might Have in Your Pantry

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The global food industry, as you might expect, is an economic behemoth. In the United States alone, according to International Business Times, the average person spends more than $2,200 a year on foodstuffs. Globally, food sales exceed $12 trillion.

As in any other industry where a lot of money can be made, counterfeiters have literally spent centuries finding more effective ways to emulate the most popular and expensive foods in the world. Using cheaper production methods and even cheaper ingredients, fraudsters today have infiltrated some of the most lucrative food industries on the planet. What are some of the most commonly ripped off foods? The answer might shock you.

Three Popular Foods That Are All Too Commonly Counterfeited

29 Sep 2014

Recipes Using Hummus

Hummus dip recipe

The Arabic word for “chickpeas” is hummus, which is the name of a popular dip. The Arabic term “hummus bi tahini” means “chickpeas with tahini.” There are several recipes using hummus that can be found easily online. Hummus dip recipes are high in iron and vitamin C. Hummus recipes are also full of folate and vitamin B6. Recipes using hummus can be found on cooking sites, social networks, blogs, and review sites. Some recipes are spicy, which is a preference many people like. Spicy hummus dip is used for a variety of snacks as well. People also have different hummus brands to choose form.

Some of the popular varieties of recipes using hummus involve red peppers, garlic, pine nuts, spinach, and artichoke. Sun dried tomatoes and lemons are also popular with recipes using hummus. Jalapenos are also commonly used with recipes using hummus. The largest ever dish of hummus was 8 tons of boiled chick peas and 2 tones of tahini, which was recorded by the Guinness World Record. In October of 2008, the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade was petitioned by the Association of Lebanese Industrialists to protect hummus as a uniquely Lebanese food. More information about recipes using hummus can be discovered online
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