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Your Simple Guide to Hummus

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The earliest documented recipe similar to the modern day hummus can be traced back to 13th century Egypt. Hummus also has origins in countries such as Palestine, Yemen, Syria, and Israel. The dip first came to America in the 1960s and 1970s, but was sold only in health food stores. After several decades, it became popular with mainstream customers and can now be found in many grocery stores.

What Exactly is Hummus?

The word hummus is actually an Arabic word that means “chickpeas.” The hummus dip that is eaten in America is known as “hummus bi tahini,” which means “chickpeas with tahini.” Hummus is made by mashing chickpeas and then mixing them with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and salt.

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22 Jul 2015

March Madness Homemade Hummus Dip Recipes That Are Sure to be a Fan Favorite

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With the start of March Madness just around the corner, you’re likely to be hosting or going to a game day party. And of course, as with any game day party, there’s like to be a lot of food there. Why blend in and bring the “same old same old” when you can create tasty and delicious hummus dip recipes at home to share with friends — or frenemies?

While hummus spreads have only recently become mainstream in America — taking a seat right next to ketchup and mayonnaise in the refrigerators of many American homes — it has been around for quite some time. Like, a really long time. In fact, the earliest documented recipe for something similar to modern hummus dates back to 13th century Egypt.

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13 Mar 2015

Recipes using hummus offer great alternative to daily junk

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One on the most versatile foods around as far as different methods of seasoning is hummus, and the amount of recipes using hummus that you can find online are staggering. Interestingly enough, for being a dip that has been around for thousands of years, are the amount of people who still ask what is hummus? Hummus is a dip or spread of Middle Eastern and Arabic origins. It consists of cooked up, mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. However, those are just the main ingredients of a hummus spread, and there are all sorts of recipes with hummus that you can find, and experiment with. For instance, there is a roasted garlic hummus dip that tastes absolutely amazing. Also, there are many different kinds of spicy hummus dip for those who have a particularly bold palette. Whatever your choice in style of hummus, that is only the first leg of making a tasty meal, for next comes all the recipes using hummus that you can make. There are wraps, pizzas, stuffed heirloom tomatoes, hummus crostini, hummus with various fish and meats, salads, etc. etc. the possibilities are nearly endless. The various styles and numbers of meals you can prepare using hummus is only one of the benefits of this delicious dip. There is also the nutritional value of the ingredients involved. There is no excess of salts or fats in hummus. So regardless if it is for its deliciousness or nutritional content, hummus and recipes using hummus provide a great alternative to many of the meals we consume on a daily basis. Check out this site for more.

13 Mar 2013