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The 3 Most Popular Brunch Foods (and How To Make Them Better)

Brunch newark de

When you imagine your dream wedding, you probably think about the dress, the venue, the perfect photos, and probably a husband or wife besides. But what about the brunch after the wedding? If that wasn’t a part of your perfect wedding fantasy, we bet it is now, because brunch, obviously. And since the average morning after brunch cost about $457 in 2013, you better get your absolute favorite foods in that brunch buffet.

So what are the most popular brunch foods? According to a 2015 restaurant survey, 67% of respondents said that ethnic-inspired and ethnic-fusion brunch items were a “hot trend” for their favorite menus this year. What does that mean exactly? Think Asian-flavored syrups, breakfast burritos filled with chorizo scrambled eggs, or scrumptious coconut milk pancakes.


31 Aug 2015

Holy Guacamole! Avocados Galore

Southwestern salsa

While avocados have recently entered the Western foodie spotlight, these creamy, green fruits have been around in a big way for centuries upon centuries. Avocados originated in Mexico and existed long before the arrival of European settlers. And as early as the 16th century, the Aztecs were getting creative with the crop, and with this creativity, guacamole was born.
What is guacamole, you ask? The question to ‘what is guacamole’ is quite simple: guacamole is comprised of diced avocados, garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro, and lime. Oftentimes, people will make spicy guacamole dips by adding jalapeno peppers, or chili powder. People also add onions and diced tomatoes for extra texture and (more…)

31 Aug 2015

The Basic Guide to Fennel Pollen

Tasty fennel pollen recipe

It seems there’s always a new, crazy food trend coming out now. Social media makes it incredibly easy for things to become viral in very short amounts of time, and the foodie community has grown almost exponentially in the last decade. Fennel pollen, however, isn’t a new thing. Many people have used it for years, but thanks to those social media trends and foodie growth, it’s becoming more and more popular.

To start out with the obvious question of what it is, fennel pollen is a dry herb that has explosive flavor. In short, it can be used to spice up nearly any dish you can think of. This versatility is why it’s becoming a staple in many pantries.

There (more…)

25 Aug 2015

The Best Desserts for Summer Parties

Plastic ice cream cups

When summer weather approaches, Americans like nothing better than to indulge in a sweet, creamy ice cream cone. Nearly nine out of every ten U.S. households have some kind of frozen dessert in their freezers at this very moment. The average American will have ice cream 28.5 times this year. With their variety of flavors and packaging options, frozen ice cream cups are sure to stay an American favorite.

A Treat for the Heat
Ice cream, popsicles, and other frozen treats are all popular choices for when the weather gets muggy, but which reigns supreme? Popsicles are favorites among children with their bright colors and fruity flavors. Many popsicles however are sweetened with corn syrup and contain artificial colors or flavors, making many parents reconsider their children’s ch (more…)

19 Aug 2015