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Fun New Ways to Eat Hummus

Hummus dip recipe

Hummus has been around for a long time. The earliest recipe for a food similar to modern hummus has been traced to a document from 13th-century Egypt. Traditionally made from mashed chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, salt, olive oil, and a sesame-seed paste called tahini, hummus has many incarnations and varieties from Palestine, Yemen, Syria, and Israel, as well as Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. Hummus recipes are most frequently used as dips for vegetables and pita bread, but recipes using hummus as a sandwich spread or in other dishes are also popular.

Here are some new ways to use hummus recipes in dips and beyond!

  • Hummus is a great mayonnaise replacement for healthy eating and as a great source of extra protein. Deviled eggs and hummus chicken salad are both easy to make and d (more…)

31 Dec 2014

Tahini Hummus The Delicious Not So Guilty Pleasure

Salsa recipes

Tahini is a flavorful paste and/or dip made from ground and hulled or unhulled sesame seeds and is often used in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisine. Though it is often served with other classic Mediterranean dishes such as baba ghanoush and halva.

Unhulled tahini is made from whole sesame seeds, retaining more of its nutritional value. Hulled tahini, while still tasty, is stripped of most of its nutritional value due to the hulling process.

Both varieties are often combined with another Mediterranean staple, hummus, to make tahini hummus dip. Hummus is made from ground chickpeas, garlic, sea salt, lemon, and olive oil. However, hummus dips are often combine with other (more…)

18 Dec 2014

How to Make Authentic Mexican Salsa in 5 Steps

Fresh salsa

Have you ever wondered how to make authentic Mexican salsa? If not, you probably should: Salsa nutritional facts are encouraging (a 2-tablspoon serving has as few as 10 calories), and there are plenty of delicious recipes using salsa that go far beyond the standard bag of tortilla chips.

There are many different types of salsa, but some of the easiest to make at home are pica de gallo salsa dips. Also known as salsa fresca or salsa Mexicana, this traditional salsa is made with just a few raw ingredients that are easy to throw together for use in a wide variety of meals. Here’s a beginner-friendly guide of how to make authentic Mexican salsa in five steps and just (more…)

08 Dec 2014