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Three Myths About Healthy Eating

Healthy lunches

Sure, everyone WANTS to eat healthier. But many things can get in the way… time constraints, money constraints, not to mention our “guilty pleasures” that can be so hard to resist. Here are some common myths about healthy eating.

Myth 1) “Preparing healthy meals takes too long.” In an age where we can microwave an entire frozen dinner in three minutes, the time it takes to prepare a healthy meal can seem relatively daunting. But something like a salad or a fruit cocktail can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. And with a large enough quantity, either can be jarred for lunch or breakfast the next day. And yes, some healthy lunch ideas or dinner ideas may take a little longer than we might be used to. But the more you do them, the faster you get. And that time can be reduced further by involving the wh (more…)

15 Jul 2013