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Recipes with Hummus 5 Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Hummus

Hummus dips

When most people think of hummus, they think of hummus dip, with some veggies or chips on the side for dipping. But hummus is far from limited to just a dipping sauce; it can be a fantastic way to get extra protein in your diet and swap out bad foods for good ones, instantly. Since hummus contains high levels of vitamin C and iron, as well as vitamin B6 and folate, (as well as no cholesterol or saturated fat) many people try to incorporate hummus into their diets as much as possible. If you love hummus, but aren’t sure what else to do with it, check out these 5 recipes with hummus, for some great alternative hummus ideas:

1. Breakfast of Champions
Hummus contains vital amounts of protein and lysine, and can really give your the boost you need in the morning. In fact, two spoon fulls of h (more…)

05 Jul 2015

Looking for Healthy Salsa That Will Still Wake Up Your Taste Buds?

How to make authentic mexican salsa

Did you know that, according to Fox News, salsa is now the most popular condiment in the United States? Thanks to an increased interest in healthy eating, different types of salsa, from those based on classic southwestern salsa recipes to hearty black bean versions, regularly fly off the shelves. Salsa nutrition, when compared to ketchup, relish, and other more traditional American condiments is robust, so its popularity isn’t terribly surprising.

That being said, not every type of salsa is truly all that good for you. Fresh salsa calories may b (more…)

06 Oct 2014