Red pepper hummus

March Madness Homemade Hummus Dip Recipes That Are Sure to be a Fan Favorite

Recipe with hummus

With the start of March Madness just around the corner, you’re likely to be hosting or going to a game day party. And of course, as with any game day party, there’s like to be a lot of food there. Why blend in and bring the “same old same old” when you can create tasty and delicious hummus dip recipes at home to share with friends — or frenemies?

While hummus spreads have only recently become mainstream in America — taking a seat right next to ketchup and mayonnaise in the refrigerators of many American homes — it has been around for quite some time. Like, a really long time. In fact, the earliest documented recipe for something similar to modern hummus dates back to 13th century Egypt.

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13 Mar 2015