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Tahini Hummus The Delicious Not So Guilty Pleasure

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Tahini is a flavorful paste and/or dip made from ground and hulled or unhulled sesame seeds and is often used in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisine. Though it is often served with other classic Mediterranean dishes such as baba ghanoush and halva.

Unhulled tahini is made from whole sesame seeds, retaining more of its nutritional value. Hulled tahini, while still tasty, is stripped of most of its nutritional value due to the hulling process.

Both varieties are often combined with another Mediterranean staple, hummus, to make tahini hummus dip. Hummus is made from ground chickpeas, garlic, sea salt, lemon, and olive oil. However, hummus dips are often combine with other (more…)

18 Dec 2014

If You’re Planning a Party or Just Preparing a Snack, Consider Using Hummus


Are you hosting an upcoming party? Perhaps you are planning a Mediterranean meal this week or you just want a healthy snack. If either of these situations apply to you, you may want to consider various hummus dip recipes.

But what are hummus dips exactly? They are comprised of a mix of tahini (made from sesame seeds) chickpeas that have been pureed, salt, garlic, and lemon juice. The hummus may include other ingredients as well depending on the variety. Roasted garlic hummus dip and roasted red pepper hummus dip are examples of variations on the classic recipe.

As far as Guinness World Records go, the biggest hummus dish was made from two tons of tahini, eight tons of chickpeas that had been boiled, 154 pounds of olive (more…)

10 Apr 2014