Hummus dip

Hummus Your Superfood Savior

Spicy hummus

You’ve looked at it on the shelves but you haven’t bought it yet because honestly, who knows that a chickpea is? The truth is, if you’ve ever tasted an authentic hummus recipe, you wouldn’t care anymore. A chickpea could literally be ‘chick-pee’ and it wouldn’t matter because it tastes so good and has health benefits that make organic peanut butter look like fast food.

Why you should just buy hummus already:

It helps maintain a healthy diet. Nearly one in five Canadians has high blood pressure. Three-fourths of a cup of hummus can be substituted for one serving of meat, which in turn, can help lower blood pressure. Most brands of hummus contain 36% of the suggested daily folate intake in just one cup. Foods rich in folate can help (more…)

16 Jun 2015