Guacamole recipes

Three Things You Need to Do to Make the Perfect Guacamole

Basic guacamole recipe

Did you know that, according to Forbes, avocados and avocado-based products outsell Apple’s iPhone smartphone, earning avocado companies 1.5 times a year than that device earns the tech giant? While fresh avocados certainly play a major role in this trend, you should know that guacamole is one of the main drivers here. And why not? Now that guacamole health benefits are widely known, more people feel okay using the luscious green dip as a topping for eggs or as a butter on their toast.

If you’re a guac-head, you might not be satisfied with the basic guacamole recipe you’ve been using to transform the simple avocado into one of the best dips out there. As culinary professionals will tell you, when it comes to making fresh (more…)

15 Aug 2014