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What Can You Learn from Food Talk Shows?

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Did you know that humans have been using fires for cooking since 250,000 years ago? People have been trying out new ways to cook and serve food for a long time. Today, you can find cooking help in a variety of ways. While some people prefer traditional recipe books, others gravitate towards food talk shows that are on tv, online, or on radios. What are some things you can learn from food talk shows?

First, food talk shows are helpful because they often give you a fuller idea of different avenues you can take with the recipe. Recipes are, after all, basically an experiment with ingredients. It is never set in stone that the only way to do something is the cooking instructions written in the book. Many people, for example, find that they have to substitute out ingredients, either because they lack the right ones or have allergies or food sensitivities. In this way, talk shows can be helpful because the hosts will sometimes make suggestions on what they could use instead of eggs or butter, et cetera.

Second, a lot of people enjoy food talk radio. As you can imagine, these food talk shows are less about preparing food than they are about discussing it, since it might be difficult to follow instructions you cannot see, rewind, or look down at. Food talk radio is a great way for picking up tips on everyday food choices, however. One example of a topic would be a discussion of foods that have the highest amount of antioxidants in them, and what the benefit of antioxidants is for your body. These talk shows can also give useful tips on dealing with picky children. Many children, for example, can be encouraged to eat good vegetables by putting the veggies in their favorite pasta sauce. Raw food talks are also popular.

Third, food talk shows are also in tune with the cooking world at large. This means you might be able to hear reviews of some of the best restaurants in the world, or even just in your locale, or a discussion of the latest episode of Top Chef and other similarly focused cooking shows.

12 Jun 2013