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The Five Best Reasons to Indulge in American Craft Beers and Pubs

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If you prefer beer over booze, talking over dancing and history over hipness, you are likely a pub lover. Which is not to say that pubs are not hip, because they are. But they are not trying to be, and that is what makes them hip.

Given the recent explosion of American craft beers, pubs are on the up. Depending on where you live, you probably have a secret favorite place right around the corner. If you do not yet, consider these five facts on why American craft beers and pubs are completely lovable.

1. The pub can trace its roots back to Britain, Ireland and Australia, where it is a fundamental drinking establishment. American pubs have mostly continued on this tradition, acting as meeting places and establishments for social gatherings. If you are looking to find a good restaurant in your area, most pubs (more…)

13 Sep 2013