Bottleless water coolers

Why People are Turning to Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless water coolers

Although it is not something that instantly springs to mind, water is an essential part of running any building, whether it is a school, office, or gym. Did you know that in a study done by Tuft University, it was found that bacteria count in ten water coolers on their campus were four times the government limit?

Bottled water has been popular in both small, personal and large, water cooler forms for many years. It has been a long time since several executives famously scoffed that no one would ever want to buy water when they could obtain it easily from a tap. In recent years, however, many environmental and health experts are beginning to understand the repercussions of the so called water bottle era.

Not only do bottles take up an unnecessary amount of space in landfills, but they also can contain surprisingly high levels of questionable chemicals and particles. The water has to come from somewhere, after all, and there is no real guarantee that it is actually coming from a mountain stream, or that the mountain stream was quality water to begin with.

Many offices are now looking into ways to incorporate bottleless water coolers into their buildings. Bottleless water coolers are similar to traditional water fountains, and can be hooked up from existing plumbing lines. The difference with bottleless water coolers is that additional filtration devices are employed, so that unlike traditional water fountains, you will not be left with water that tastes like the metal pipes it has gone through.

07 May 2013

The benefits of point of use water coolers

Bottle free water coolers

The term water cooler refers to the place in the office where employees gather to gossip. But when you are talking about water cooler, today it refers to bottles water system. The bottleless water cooler system is the latest in water cooling and filtration system for homes and offices. Almost all bottled water stars with the municipal water that is filtered and then bottled. This is the same with individual sized bottles as well as the five gallon carboys. In bottleless water system, you have your own filtration system. You can then get the water from the faucets of the unit or dispenser. Aside from this, the point of use water coolers provide more benefits than the bottled water cooler system.

You may be surprised to know that the average person consumes about up to 100 gallons of water everyday. And according to the sales figure of Beverage Marketing Corporation, in 2011 the total bottled water sales in the US reached 9.1 billion gallons. That is 29.9 per person. Just imagine how many bottles of water are produced and wasted every year. In this alone point of use water coolers is more environmental friendly than the bottled water. Second, when it comes to health benefits, point of use water coolers offers more benefits than bottled water. Bottleless water cooler system or point of use water coolers are better than the ones that use bottles because the bottleless water coolers prevent bacteria from getting into the water. Third, there is also no need to have storage room for your bottles. This can be a big problem in many offices especially in large offices with many employees.

03 Feb 2013