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Pizza chesapeake —- VIDEO

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27 Jan 2014

How to Protect Your French Wine Collection from Going Bad

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Wine consumption outside of Europe has exploded within the last decade. It used to be that France, Italy, and other European nations consumed the most wine. However, the United States has recently moved in as the number one consumer, drinking 3.2 billion liters of the liquid gold a year. That’s nearly an eighth of global consumption levels, as estimated by the Wine Institute.

While wine consumption may have moved away from its ancestral homes in Paris and Champagne France, Rome, Italy, and other locations historically known for their wine culture, the most popular types, French wines in particular, remain the same as ever. Consider, according to, French wines still generate more than $7.7 billion for the French economy every year.

The best French wines, while not necessarily expensive, do re (more…)

24 Jan 2014

When It Comes to Food, You Can’t Go Wrong With Pizza

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When it comes to cuisine that is most popular and ubiquitous in the United States, Italian foods are among the most prominent. And among these particular foods, perhaps none is more celebrated or enjoyed than pizza. Statistic Brain has some interesting figures to support this idea.

America is home to about 70,000 pizza restaurants. Approximately three billion different pizzas are purchased annually in the country, whether it be through event catering, lunch delivery service, late night delivery, or any other method. With each passing year, about $32 billion (more…)

24 Jan 2014

Try This Recipe to Enjoy the Best Stone Crab Claws Like a True Floridian

Freshwater shrimp

Did you know that, according to Undercurrent News, seafood consumption is expected to grow by 8% over the next decade? On average, Americans will be consuming 45 pounds of seafood, whether it’s haddock, freshwater shrimp, or lobsters, each and every year. What’s behind the sudden explosion in seafood’s popularity?

As ever, seafood remains one of the healthiest sources of protein found anywhere. Take stone crabs, for example. Every 114g serving contains 15 grams of protein, a slew of vitamins, and no fat whatsoever, according to When you mix the incredible flavor and nutrition of seafood favorites, crab meat or otherwise, with th (more…)

13 Jan 2014