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Not Sure What a Healthy Lunch is Supposed to Look Like? Three Tips

Healthy lunch fast food

Did you know that approximately 65% of Americans don’t know what a healthy lunch should look like? Choosing the right ingredients and portion sizes for your meals is a large part of living a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy body weight. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people simply lack knowledge of what their meals are supposed to look like. Who can blame them? If you believe the commercials, every morning should involve a microwave sausage sandwich and every lunch, a five foot long chicken sub. If you want some healthy lunch ideas that will be delicious and filling, read this list.

1. Have an Exciting Salad

A lot of people hear about the benefits of eating a salad and think, “boring.” The bulk of a salad, though, can help to fill you up, and salads today don’t (more…)

03 Oct 2013