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What Is Your Favorite Kind of Pizza?

Where to find the best pizza

Who knew that knowing what is pizza made of could come in so handy?
When your boss announced that the company outing was going to be at a local pizza shop, you simply thought that you would show up, eat a couple of slices, have a couple of beers and call it a night. The outing, however, was a little more involved. From literally having to know what is pizza made of for some blind folded tasting tests to creating your own pizzas by the end of the night, the whole event was more fun than you might have imagined.
The fact that your mother was a master pizza creator means that what defines good pizza in the home where you grew up was a little more specific. From special sauces to freshly grated cheese, your mother always made sure that when it was a pizza night it would be a time to remember.
Do You Know Where to Find the Best Pizza Where You Live?
Many people have their favorite ingredients for pizza, but the most important parts of pizza for lots of us is the kind of sauce and the style of crust. And while some people like a wafer thin crust that is a simple backdrop to the other ingredients, others prefer a thick homemade crust that is a major part of the dish.
Whether you are getting ready to decide the catering needs for a big gathering at work or you are simply ordering some affordable pizzas for the crowd coming over to watch the football game, you will surely get a lot of opinions about what is everyone’s favorite crust and ingredients.
Consider some of these statistics about the pizza industry and the impact that it has on the American economy:br>

  • 93% of Americans say they eat at least one piece of pizza a month.
  • In addition to being tasty, pizza is also very convenient. In fact, 83% of pizzerias in America offer delivery.
  • 252 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed every year in the making of pizza.
  • 350 slices of pizza are eaten in America every second.
  • 3 billion pizzas are sold in America every year.

When was the last time you had a really great pizza? Maybe it is time you remember how to make that special pizza your mom used to make for you when you were growing up! Better yet, maybe your mom can make her pizza for you so you can show your friends how pizza is meant to be. If you want to remember the best things about what is pizza made of, you simply have to travel back to your childhood and the favorite pizza you grew up eating.

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