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Popularity of Reclaimed Wood for Furniture and Other Home Decor

Reclaimed wood is taken again after it was demolished or destroyed from its original use. One of the most common purposes of this material is for reclaimed wood table tops. While some of them may already be large lumber sheets, others may be wood panels that were used in the walls of homes, buildings, and other locations. With the ability to recreate and refinish the wood, it is reclaimed for another use while still looking good as new.

Reclaimed Wood and Its Use

Home decor is one of the most common uses of reclaimed wood. Using the vintage or classic look for items like tables, countertops, bedroom furniture, living room furniture frames, window frames, and much more. So many different types of reclaimed wood have been developed for items like the following:

  • Ladderback chair
  • Rustic table tops
  • Rustic wood siding
  • Wood restaurant tables
  • Wood table tops

Along with so many more options, there is wood that may actually be reclaimed from barns, homes, buildings, or other locations where it was originally used. These are only a few of the different types of furniture, interior decorative panels, exterior siding, and more.

Where Does Reclaimed Wood Come From?

If you are looking to find a reclaimed wood table top, other reclaimed wood furniture, or other options to reclaimed wood decor for your home, there are many locations to find reclaimed wood. Sometimes it is actually new wood that is made with the appearance of being reclaimed or reused. Other times, there are flooring and other supply stores that offer this specific option for purchase by contractors or consumers to be installed in homes as floors, countertops, cabinets, window sills, and more. Other times there are online stores and other furniture stores that offer full sets already built from reclaimed wood, or wood that appears to be reclaimed.

Most popular are reclaimed wood table tops available for almost any location or room around. They can be the table top or counter top of a restaurant bar, or they can also be restaurant table tops. Additionally, there are table tops for home kitchen tables and dining room tables, along with more tables than where we eat. Living room furniture and bedroom furniture include coffee tables and end tables. There may also be decorative items like trunks and TV stands made from reclaimed wood.

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