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What Type of Cups Should Your Business Use?

Coffee cup

Most coffee shops will use the types of cups that you should buy and utilize in your business if you have a coffee machine. Plain white paper cups. That’s right. Plain white paper cups. There really is no other answer. When you shop for coffee related items, give yourself more time to buy the accessories like wooden stir sticks and lids. These plain white paper cups are the best way to go in terms of buying cops for coffee in the workplace. A lot of workers look to coffee in order to start their day and sometimes to help them keep going during later times in the work day. Plus, there are plenty of great benefits to drinking coffee on a daily basis. Here’s why you should invest your money in plain white paper cups.

There are plenty of important side items to buy when getting coffee related items in the workplace. It is important to have things like lids, so that you can prevent employees from spilling hot coffee on themselves or anyone else. Wooden stir sticks come in handy since a large number of people like to mix in cream and sugar to their drinks. As a matter of fact, out of all coffee drinkers about 35% enjoy and prefer black coffee as opposed to mixing in sugar and cream. On the other end of that survey, 65% of all coffee drinkers said they prefer to add sugar and/or cream to their coffee. 30% of all of the population drinks coffee occasionally. That’s a little above one out of every four people in the population drinking coffee occasionally. There are going to be plenty of employees that you hire that enjoy coffee. There are also some health benefits to drinking coffee on a daily basis at the very least. 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day can help prevent the cognitive decline associated with aging, leading to a 65 percent decrease in developing Alzheimer?s or dementia, according to a recent study. If you have a lot of employees that are going to be drinking coffee at your workplace, you should definitely buy plain white paper cups. Buying coffee mugs will introduce the hassle of having to clean and store coffee mugs and no one wants to keep employees honest about something like that. Instead, allow your coffee drinking employees the option and ability to just throw away the paper cups after they are done.

Do the smart thing in terms of buying coffee cups for your workplace and the employees that will drink coffee on the job. Recent statistics show that American consumers drank on average 1.64 cups of coffee per day. Plain white paper cups will allow an easy way to get drink and consume coffee for your workers.

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