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How Work Events Can Improve Happiness in the Workplace

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Everybody celebrates events. If you are planning an event for your workers, you may find that it could lead to overall happiness in the workplace. There are about 18 million meetings organized in the U.S. every year, which means you’ll need the best food for your unforgettable time, whether it’s a formal meeting over a new service you’re implementing, or a birthday event for your boss. Corporate catering may be your best option. From Santa Clara catering, to Silicon Valley catering, we cover all areas and will work with you.

Catering is Making a Huge Difference

In meetings across the world, more than $122 billion is spent on food and more. Why do we continue to consider catering as an integral aspect of any event? 74% of people said that company holiday parties boost the morale of employees, making them more likely to experience workplace happiness and comfort in their positions. According to other research, 74% of people who had not celebrated accomplishments with their co-workers were more likely to leave their jobs. These statistics show us that workers love to spend time with one another during a special event, when they can relax after a long, stressful week on the job. It proves that a boss is willing to unwind with their employees and praise them for their job well done. From birthday parties, to recognition parties for those getting promotions, to retirement parties, the right event can leave a worker feeling appreciated in a way they never have before. This is how catering ties into worker happiness and better outcomes in the workplace.

So what are employees looking for at events? Let’s look at the statistics. From meat dishes to vegetarian options and more, catering can suit the tastes of everyone. A survey showed that 78% of corporations include vegetarian options for employees at their events and 64% include gluten-free at theirs. These options show employees that their choices are being remembered and considered, with a higher likelihood of their participation and appreciation in the event. Everybody wants workplace happiness, so consider catering for your next event. You could be making a decision that will raise the attitudes of your employees and keep everyone involved.

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