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Be Careful When Ordering These Items From a Seafood Restaurant

When it comes to ordering seafood at a fine-dining restaurant, don’t be too excited with your menu because you could potentially be eating unhealthy seafood options that endangers not just your health but also the planet. With that in mind, here are things to avoid when ordering at a seafood restaurant.

  • Fried Calamari is not a healthy option because it packs a lot of calories and sodium that exceeds the recommended levels by the FDA and the American Heart Association
  • Bluefin Tuna, especially the Atlantic Bluefin tuna being the most endangered tuna species because of overfishing. Choose Yellowfin and bigeye tuna as sustainable options.

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  • Snapper is one of the most common “fake” foods on seafood restaurant menus. It’s often faked with tilapia which is commonly fished.
  • Eels are a common seafood option especially in Japan. They are endangered and toxic if not properly cooked.

  • Never order for the specials. While some restaurants serve fresh and delicious specials, others will use that opportunity to clean up the fridge, giving you spoilt fish.
  • King Mackerel is known to contain high level of mercury which can be harmful to pregnant women and children. Shrimp, salmon, pollock and canned light tuna are your best options for seafood.
  • Avoid ordering for shark cause of finning, a cruel way of catching sharks, removing their fins, and the releasing them into the water.
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