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The 3 Most Popular Brunch Foods (and How To Make Them Better)

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When you imagine your dream wedding, you probably think about the dress, the venue, the perfect photos, and probably a husband or wife besides. But what about the brunch after the wedding? If that wasn’t a part of your perfect wedding fantasy, we bet it is now, because brunch, obviously. And since the average morning after brunch cost about $457 in 2013, you better get your absolute favorite foods in that brunch buffet.

So what are the most popular brunch foods? According to a 2015 restaurant survey, 67% of respondents said that ethnic-inspired and ethnic-fusion brunch items were a “hot trend” for their favorite menus this year. What does that mean exactly? Think Asian-flavored syrups, breakfast burritos filled with chorizo scrambled eggs, or scrumptious coconut milk pancakes.


31 Aug 2015