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5 Interesting Facts About Peanuts and Their Popularity in the United States

Health benefits of peanuts

How much do you know about peanuts? You probably grew up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that your mom packed in your school lunch every day. Every now and then, you probably still enjoy one of these sandwiches for a snack or lunch in the office. Peanut butter holds a special place in many of our hearts since it was a childhood favorite. That is one reason why peanuts are so popular throughout the United States. However, not all can enjoy this tasty spread as many are allergic to peanuts and require a treatment for peanut allergy.

Interested in learning more about the popularity of peanuts throughout the United States with the exception of those who require treatment for peanut allergy? Keep reading for more information about this healthy little nut.

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29 Dec 2017