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The Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Hummus

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Although hummus dips only stepped into the American food spotlight in the 60s, the tahini chickpea-based dip has been gracing dinner tables since the early 13th century. History tells us that chickpeas were introduced to the Middle East 7,000 years ago, and since then, variations of flavors of hummus have been popping up all over the continent.
Every basic hummus recipe contains five ingredients: chickpeas, tahini paste, lemon, and garlic. To that, many add additional spices and sometimes even different vegetables. For example, roasted red pepper hummus dip recipes and edamame hummus are two popular flavo (more…)

27 Jul 2015

How Hummus Can Help You Stick to Your Healthy Eating New Year’s Resolution

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Now that the new year is well under way, how are you doing with your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier? If you fell off the bandwagon, not to fret, there are several easy ways to get back on track, and one of those is hummus dip recipes.

Hummus is a spread that consists of boiled chickpeas — also known as garbanzo beans — that have been mashed or pureed along with fresh lemon juice, fresh garlic, and sea salt. Some variations call for the addition of tahini, a sesame seed paste that adds an additional nutty flavor and creamy consistency, as well as a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Traditionally, hummus is garnished with a sprinkle of paprika, chopped parsley, lemon wedges, and additional olive oil.

Sound too good to be truly good for you? It’s not. Hummus is the not-so-guilty-pleasure that’s ac (more…)

06 Mar 2015