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21 Dec 2013

Consider the Service, Food when Looking for the Best Price on Corporate Catering Services

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Offering your employees and business clients a delicious lunch, such as that offered through corporate catering services, can be one of the best ways to increase employee morale, reduce health-related costs, and improve business relationships. As a recent study from Gallup found, American businesses lose more than $153 billion every year due to absenteeism. The biggest cause of absenteeism? Overweight, yet undernourished employees. As the International Food Policy Research Institute found, people who are exposed to better nutrition are 12.5% more productive than their undernourished counterparts. After all, better nutrition leads to a more active brain and less downtime.

Corporate event catering services exis (more…)

09 Dec 2013

Look Beyond the Fish to Find a Sushi Restaurant of Quality

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Once considered a cultural peculiarity, sushi has since spread from Japan, becoming a top cuisine for people from all parts of the world. Nowhere has sushi found a more welcoming foreign home, perhaps, than in the United States. According to IBIS World, the sushi industry in the U.S. earns an annual revenue of $2 billion, and it’s expected to grow 1.6% by the end of 2013.

As with anything that becomes popular, there are both poor imitations of the original, hoping to make a quick dollar, and there are those which can accurately be included among the best sushi restaurants in the world. For all those interested in finding the latter, there are three steps to follow, beyond the quality of the food, that can help locat (more…)

05 Dec 2013