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Ali Baba’s Restaurant in Toronto Ontario


Ali Baba’s Restaurant

24 Wellesley W

Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2X6

(416) 964-9993

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With our Health Food Restaurant in the area’s downtown core, you will be able to experience healthy food at its finest. Pay us a visit, and explore our restaurant and gain a true Middle Eastern dining experience.

25 May 2013

YNot Pizza and Italian Cuisine in Norfolk VA


YNot Pizza and Italian Cuisine

1517 Colley Ave

Norfolk, VA 23517

(757) 624-9111

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Delivering the best pizza and Italian food in the area. Come and enjoy our hand-tossed pizzas, calzones and stromboli, or sample our world class traditional Italian pastas, breads, pastries, salads, soups and surprises. Available for delivery, pickup or dine in.

25 May 2013

Adjusting Eating Habits Toward a Healthy Lunch

Healthy lunches

Healthy lunches do not have to be a complex, unattainable goal. There are several tips that you can use for healthy lunch ideas that will help you eat better and ultimately feel better. Face it, a healthy lunch can be an enjoyable way to take care of yourself.

One of the first considerations for healthy lunches is to begin thinking in terms of moderation. Any adjustment to your diet does not have to be a drastic shift. You may have developed less healthy habits over the years that have affected your health, but you can gradually change your habits and thoughts so that you are consistently enjoying healthy lunches. Do you eat lots of sugary, fatty foods? Begin to take inventory of these snacks and desserts so that you can begin to transition away from them. Just making one change to your diet can begin to make a big improvement to your health.

Make sure you are adding adequate fruits and vegetables to your diet. By eating foods that have less calories and more vitamins, minerals and fiber you will not suffer from those feelings being stuffed and overeating. Additionally, you will find that your appetite will adjust to new preferences for the healthier fare.

Eating healthy carbohydrates take longer to digest meaning that you will benefit by feeling fuller longer and not have a need for constant unhealthy snacking. For example, healthy lunches can use a whole wheat bread instead of traditional sandwich bread for the simplest lunches. Including healthy carbs in your healthy lunches also means that your insulin and sugar levels are kept in check without the spikes that alter your energy levels.

While protein is an important component for healthy lunches and other meals, we can limit the amount that we eat. Americans typically eat too much protein, or more than necessary. Start to think of the proteins as providing a supporting role to healthy lunches. You can add less meat, nuts and certain legumes and still get the benefits of a healthy diet.

20 May 2013

Don’t Fall Asleep At Your Desk

Healthy lunch ideas

Healthy lunch ideas are easy to come by when you know where to look. Checking out your local bookstore for cookbooks is a good start, or just browsing the internet. There are options for everyone to enjoy.

Instead of going with grease, try eating a hearty salad. They will still leave you feeling very full but not so much that you are sleepy by the time you have to get back to work. The worst feeling after eating lunch at work is feeling really tired from the heavy food that you ate. If you are looking for healthy lunch ideas to replace your bad eating habits, checking out some unique cookbooks is a good start.

By taking some healthy lunch ideas and bringing them to your office, you might be helping a few other people out who are in your predicament. Instead of dropping ten dollars a day on lunch that is not always great for you, do some extra grocery shopping for your healthy lunch ideas and cook at home. You will feel better after you eat it and it will not make you feel sleepy and guilty for the rest of your work day.

When you are going to work in an office every day, lunch is one of the times you will end up looking forward to. There is no denying it, it becomes one of the high lights of your day when you are wasting away in an office chair. A lot of people like to go out to lunch to subside that feeling, but going out to lunch constantly gets very expensive and fattening. Instead of eating something bad for you, flip through a cookbook for some healthy lunch ideas.

Instead of counting the minutes till you can eat a big greasy burger, look forward to healthy lunches during your work week. There are a lot of ways to feel satisfied after a nice lunch without having to feel so guilty that you will not want to eat for the rest of the day.

18 May 2013

Why People are Turning to Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless water coolers

Although it is not something that instantly springs to mind, water is an essential part of running any building, whether it is a school, office, or gym. Did you know that in a study done by Tuft University, it was found that bacteria count in ten water coolers on their campus were four times the government limit?

Bottled water has been popular in both small, personal and large, water cooler forms for many years. It has been a long time since several executives famously scoffed that no one would ever want to buy water when they could obtain it easily from a tap. In recent years, however, many environmental and health experts are beginning to understand the repercussions of the so called water bottle era.

Not only do bottles take up an unnecessary amount of space in landfills, but they also can contain surprisingly high levels of questionable chemicals and particles. The water has to come from somewhere, after all, and there is no real guarantee that it is actually coming from a mountain stream, or that the mountain stream was quality water to begin with.

Many offices are now looking into ways to incorporate bottleless water coolers into their buildings. Bottleless water coolers are similar to traditional water fountains, and can be hooked up from existing plumbing lines. The difference with bottleless water coolers is that additional filtration devices are employed, so that unlike traditional water fountains, you will not be left with water that tastes like the metal pipes it has gone through.

07 May 2013

Standardized Testing More Important than Student Health?

Healthy lunch

Anyone who has been to a high school cafeteria in recent memory, should have been horrified at what schools feed their students. While it cannot be said that school cafeterias do not offer healthy lunch ideas to students, they also allow students to choose pizza, fries, and cookies on a daily basis, as well. Obviously, you cannot send a sixteen year old kid to school with five dollar bill and expect him or her to make healthy lunch choices. Although healthy lunches are available, most high schoolers are going to pass on the fresh garden salad or green beans in favor of pizza and fries every time. Assuming that parents care about the health of their children, this situation warrants an unwavering demand for healthy lunch ideas in every school cafeteria in America.

It does not take much intelligence to notice that public schools operate in illogical, even irrational, ways when it comes not only to curricula, but developing healthy lunch ideas. On one hand, schools are supposedly striving to leave no student behind by giving standardized tests that are worthless when it comes to actually applying the skills and knowledge that are being tested. On the other hand, those same schools seem apathetic, or at least ambivalent, when it comes to providing their students with healthy lunch ideas. Not only is this illogical, but it is absurd. How can schools prioritize standardized test while ignoring the health of their students? Consider this. Since schools also serve breakfast, for 10 months per year many students eat two of their three meals a day, five days per week, at school. This means that the majority of the meals that students eat during a year include pizza, fries, chips, candy bars, doughnuts, cookies, muffins, and soft drinks. While they may get one decent meal at home a day, that is just not enough. Therefore, there is an obvious need for healthy lunch ideas in school cafeterias.

School administrators need to come to their senses and prioritize what is best for their students. And with the lack of healthy lunch ideas, that is clearly not being done. It is just not logical to claim that schools want the best for kids, then fail to offer healthy lunch ideas. Once fatty and sugary foods are eliminated from school lunch menus, and healthy lunch ideas are added, can schools genuinely claim to care about students.

02 May 2013