Planning Your Wedding Liquor What and How Much?

Liquor for weddings

Every weekend in the United States there are more than 44,000 weddings happening, and one of the most difficult things to plan for at any wedding is how much alcohol you’ll need to hydrate (or, more accurately perhaps, dehydrate) your guests. With food things are fairly easy. You just assign one portion for each person who’s coming. But with beer brands, wine, and spirits, things can get complicated to plan.

Some people won’t drink at all. Some people will drink too much. Some people will drink only wine, and other will only enjoy some of the beer brands you have on offer. If you’re trying to plan the drinks for a wedding party, here’s some tips on what to get and how much:

What Kinds of Beer Brands Should I Get?

There’s a lot of good reasons to make a good impression with some craft beer b (more…)

16 Feb 2018

Why Should You Choose Grass Fed Beef?

Sustainable meat

Are you someone who is looking for the most ethical meats? Along with ethical, are you looking for the meat that tastes the freshest and gives you more bang for your buck? Surely you have heard of organic meats, with a wide range advertising themselves as “grass fed” and “wild” when it refers to fish. If you are looking for the most sustainable meat and that in which is going to hold up and improve every single dish you introduce to your family, you want to make sure that you are feeding your family only the freshest and cleanest.

Why Grass Fed is Best

You have heard of grass fed beef, but how does it compare? The truth is, the health benefits alone speak for themselves when it comes to the meat that you are feeding to you (more…)

31 Jan 2018

Fine Dining, True Leaves, and Everything In Between

Herb tops mint delicata

Over the past twenty years, the culture that surrounds food has absolutely transformed in ways that many people could not have predicted. This is rather amazing to think because the food industry has always been global and diverse and yet it has managed to grow even more. Thanks to technology and blog culture, there are more people looking to experience new food trends like eating true leaves.

True leaf microgreens are the hot commodity now in the United States and it is growing to be a global phenomenon. Fine dining and high-end restaurants are now flooding the market and are incredibly popular in downtown areas where there are large groups of people that c (more…)

31 Jan 2018

Reasons to Keep Eating Nuts

American walnut tree

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding nuts. Read in some places and they’re touted as a miracle food. Read elsewhere and you’ll worry about the amount of omega-6 oil and phytic acid in them. Are pecans good for you? What about walnuts? And what is it with peanuts having the word “nuts” in them, but not actually being nuts? If you’re nuts about nuts, or just going nuts, read on for some health facts that will help set you straight on the basics:


Let’s get this one out of the way immediately. Peanuts are legumes, not nuts. Nuts grow on trees: legumes grow on the ground. But in common parlance we simply don’t make this distinction. Peanuts go with nuts, and we love them. Between 2008 and 2014, Americans ate about 120 million pounds of peanut butter a year, and 90% of households in the United (more…)

16 Jan 2018

Finding an Easy Way to Get Your Morning Caffeine Is Essential to Many

Hotel coffee supplies

How much are you able to accomplish before your first cup of coffee? Do you need to have a cup of coffee before you can begin your day?
It should come as no surprise that the selection of an office coffee company is an important one. Finding an office coffee company that meets the needs of its workers is important. From the kinds of coffees that are offered to fast and efficient service to building rapport with its customers, the office coffee company that is the most successful understand the role that it plays. Knowing customers by name and often even knowing t (more…)

12 Jan 2018

Team Building Venues Provide Both Fun and Challenging Activities

Wedding venues

As the new year begins, it should come as no surprise that a number of people are making plans for upcoming events. From planning catering menus for summer reunions to renting outdoor wedding venues, it is important to make sure that you are getting the details that you need in place sooner rather than later.
From corporate venues for large company holiday parties to much smaller private venues for a family wedding, these event require coordination with catering companies, chair and table rental groups, and, often, musicians. Finding a way to make sure that you are prepared (more…)

11 Jan 2018

4 Important Benefits Associated With Drinking Coffee

Office coffee machines single cup

Many people across the United States love drinking a nice cup of coffee to start their day. In fact, statistics show that the average coffee drinker in the United States drinks 3.1 cups of this delicious beverage each day. Many workplaces have their own office coffee provider that ensures this beverage always remains stocked. It’s understandable to be unaware of how truly beneficial it is to consume coffee multiple times per week. With that in mind, here are four benefits of regularly drinking coffee.

  1. Increases Mental Focus

    It’s important for your employees to remain focused throughout the day. Unfortunately, not every worker will ha (more…)

09 Jan 2018

5 Interesting Facts About Peanuts and Their Popularity in the United States

Health benefits of peanuts

How much do you know about peanuts? You probably grew up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that your mom packed in your school lunch every day. Every now and then, you probably still enjoy one of these sandwiches for a snack or lunch in the office. Peanut butter holds a special place in many of our hearts since it was a childhood favorite. That is one reason why peanuts are so popular throughout the United States. However, not all can enjoy this tasty spread as many are allergic to peanuts and require a treatment for peanut allergy.

Interested in learning more about the popularity of peanuts throughout the United States with the exception of those who require treatment for peanut allergy? Keep reading for more information about this healthy little nut.

5 Interesting Facts About (more…)

29 Dec 2017

Food Inspection Systems Promote Safety, Compliance and Brand Reliability

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For all kinds of food processing industries, food safety is a primary concern. Any contamination can be hazardous for consumers, which is why food inspection is a very important stage of the production process. Some of the most commonly found contaminants are metallic and originate in the machinery that is used in the production process. Food metal detectors can be customized for each operation and can be used on packaged products as well. Food safety is important not only for customer protection, but also compliance, productivity and brand reliability.

Food safety is a primary concern
For the food processing industry, food safety is an essential part of the process of getting the product to the consumer. Any contaminants, whether biological or metallic, can be hazar (more…)

27 Dec 2017

How Work Events Can Improve Happiness in the Workplace

Oakland caterin

Everybody celebrates events. If you are planning an event for your workers, you may find that it could lead to overall happiness in the workplace. There are about 18 million meetings organized in the U.S. every year, which means you’ll need the best food for your unforgettable time, whether it’s a formal meeting over a new service you’re implementing, or a birthday event for your boss. Corporate catering may be your best option. From Santa Clara catering, to Silicon Valley catering, we cover all areas and will work with you.

Catering is Making a Huge Difference

In meeti (more…)

23 Dec 2017